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Thread: Tdr waterbox

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    Tdr waterbox

    What's everyone's opinion on a tdr waterbox for a 2019 rxpx.

    TDR Seadoo 300 RXPX /RXTX/ GTX Ltd waterbox

    Seadoo 300 RXPX /RXTX/ GTX Ltd waterbox . All TDR WATERBOXES are made to order and build time is about 2 weeks.
    02-0111 $260.00

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    I like it, frees up some space and weight. Nice sound also, few of us running them with or without hull thru. You can also sell your stock one on Ebay fast for 100.00 to get some money back.

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    It's just about the loudest water box you can get, I had one and loved it. Don't expect to talk to your buddies on another ski at less than a full yell tho. Passengers will also have a hard time hearing anything you try to say.. stillllll worth it

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