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    WTB Riva heads for gp 1300 - only two i need

    Looking for riva gp1300 heads to put on gp800 with 1300cyl

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    also interested / wondering the difference of getting OEM head shaved to 150psi VS riva?

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    i plan to fit those on a 800 eng with 1300 cyl. But for 1300 eng is much cheaper to shave it a bit

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    do you have the cylinders already I have two with pistons and riva heads

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    I also have riva CDI and reed spacer and reed stuffers , reed spacers , flame arrester adaptors

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    You may want to call Lowell Horning. He was the 2 stroker porter back in the day. I believe he still does some work. He may steer your back to the 800 cylinders. Pound for pound I believe the 800’s produce more power. When we did my 800 years ago we big bored the 800 cylinders and added vforce reeds and 48 novis. got an xlt800 up to 63mph. which was insane back in the day. I think the 2 1300 cylinders will slow you down if I remember correctly. Just making aware for all I know this could be old news already.

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    Also he had me go back to a stock head when I threw in the 1300 motor and we shaved that head. the girdle kit keeps the head tight to the cylinder but he said you were better off keeping all three cylinders locked together. made for a stronger engine

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