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    STX 12F Engine components.

    Hi All,

    New guy here. I am also new to the Kawasaki STX 12F. I was given an 03 12F with an engine that has a broken exhaust valve (subsequently a busted piston and destroyed head). The Block and all other parts appeared to survive. I am looking for options on getting a new head and guidance on what else I should do while i am "in there". I saw where I can get a gasket kit and pistons and rings on Ebay for 400 bucks. The main thing i need is a new head. Also is there an online repair manual?

    Thanks all,

    Tin Can

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    Welcome aboard, Tin_Can!

    While you have it apart, I'd put a new starter motor in it. Those things are a pain to replace!

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    Manual is available as a PDF somewhere ... I'm sure. I just don't know where lol.
    I will PM you later I may have what you need parts-wise. At work so tonight when I'm off.

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