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    Supercharged to NA, can it be done?

    Hi, Im new here and this websites helped me so much. thanks in advance.

    I have 2014 fx svho.
    as mentioned in title, does anyone know whether possible to switch supercharged model to NA?
    if can, this would be a best news for my work.
    I appreciate your answer.

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    You can run the motor with out boost. It would be no different then runing it when the sc clutch goes out. Lower compression pistons are in the sc motors so don't look for any speed out of it if you do so.

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    Saum700p thanks for the reply.
    do I need to modify the ECU also? I was worried about the balance of fuel and air.

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    A supercharged engine has lower compression pistons and you decided to make it normally aspirated it would be very underpowered.
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    Theoretically you could just block off the supercharger but you would most certainly end up hurting the motor.The engine would struggle so much that it would not hold a candle to a NA FX ski.This is because the compression, tuning, fuel system, and jet pump is completely different on the supercharged motor.It would take ALOT to get that to work correctly and its one of those situations that you would honestly be better off looking into a different ski before doing any of that

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    Trade someone that has a na ski that wants a sc ski

    If you are worried about power use learner mode

    Do not block the sc or remove it or run it without the clutch

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmyjean View Post
    ... this would be a best news for my work.
    Why are you asking this question?

    Is something broken with the supercharger on your engine?

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    I did it on a Kawasaki. I only had to swap the motor, intake, exhaust, ECU, wiring harness and impeller.

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    Thank you for the all reply.
    I reckon its better not to touch anything thanks to the all acknowledge from everyone.

    I explain why I wanted to do this;

    I work for flyboard company.
    We only have 3 skis and use them both way for rental use and show business.
    sc skis are great for show performance for the reason the height of flyboard relies on the HP.
    but for rental use, its over spec for beginner and its too harmful for the motor because off-throttle happens lots for the safety reason and low RPM.

    I was dreaming to be able to have both ways but I guess it seems that it is risky and not realistic.
    thanks again everyone, you guys are always legends for me.

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