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    Ok, just a quick note for any of you that don't know what to do about hydrolock. This weekend while at the dock a fellow rider forgot his plug and pretty much sank his ski. he tried to start after draining it and it took on a lot of water through the engine. He asked me if I would give him a jump because he thought the battery had died because it wasn't cranking over easily. If you get water in the motor it is very very hard for your starter to even crank it over once! I realized what he did and was about to tell him he was pretty much done for the day, but an idea came to me and I thought I would share it with the rest of the forum. We took off all of the spark plugs and turned the motor over. It sprayed water 8ft in the air it was just full. We cranked over many more times until the water was starting to thin out. After we sprayed starting fluid in and cranked some more (I know starting fluid isn't the gretest thing for a ski but it evaporates quickly and takes a lot of moister with it). After that we sprayed the plugs to to dry them and then put them back in the ski. We cranked it over and barely got a little jump out of it. We then repeated the starter fluid and crank without plugs to mist out as much moister as we could. we put the plugs back in and it ran for about three seconds and we had to do the process one more time before it finally started and it ran great the rest of the day! This works when you flip ski over too, anytime you get water in the motor really, and believe me you want to get that water out pronto because water and bearings just dont go well!

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    I had the same problem water up to seat

    I forgot to put my plug in when I put my slh in the lake for the season.. I went back 12 hours later and had water just below the seat... anyhow I pretty much did the same thing u mentioned but added some dry gas.. now it runs fine at idle but will not get up and go.. do i still have water in the carbs even if it idles just wont get up to any sort of speed whatsoever... also since takin on water my MFD is dead and I did check both fuses..

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    Welcome CrazyJ. You must first check the index on your crank. Due to the water, you may have misaligned your crank causing timing issues. Check in the tech section for crank indexing.

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    thanks for the heads up

    Thanks I will have to check that this weekend.. any ideas on why the mfd went blank? it was fully funtional prior to taking on water?

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    Jay, split your electrical box and get the water out of it. Spend extra attention to the bottom side of the board and make sure all water dropletts are gone. If you have rust on the connectors, replace the board.

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