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Thread: Rxt performance

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    Rxt performance

    I have a 08 rxt255 just had the charger rebuilt and I can only get 7750rpm and 100km/h (gps) and sometimes when I hit wot it surges a bit, thinking maybe plugs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonesy383 View Post
    ... thinking maybe plugs?
    So just install a set of new spark plugs?

    Sea Doo NGK DCPR8E Spark Plug for all 4-Tec Skis

    NGK Spark Plug for all Sea Doo 4-Tec Engines. (total of 3 required)
    DCPR8E $3.50

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    Plugs are a good place to start. Also since you recently had charger off. Check all hose clamps on charger and intercooler. You may be leaking boost at wot

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