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Thread: Carbon hull

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    Carbon hull

    I've been tossing around the idea of making a carbon hull. I have a few questions before I start, could use some input on. A little background on before people tell me how hard it is. Built the strongest, yet lightest hulls in freestyle stand up for some time. one of the best riding hulls despite being the lightest. produced somewhere around 120 prepreg and around 30 vacuum infusion hulls. produced several 33lb hulls back in 2014 that are still being ridden today. got out of skis and just wrapped up a 40' carbon center console.

    my current ski is a turbo 15 rxpx. runs about 88-89 on 16lbs.

    1 - is the news rxpx 300 hull design a significant upgrade over my hull?

    2 - would you reduce the pump tunnel volume and entrance to help with pump stuffing? or just leave it be and keep the pressure in check with pop off valves?

    3 - I understand carving and going straight are two different things. would you focus on building for on particular setup or try to do both well?

    4 - debating on selling a few cheap just to recover tooling costs. think there would be any interests? I've only seen one carbon hull made and they were wanting 15k which seems pretty expensive ha.

    here's my old person ski with model and some other random stuff.

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    2020 rxpx has exactly the same design as yours. However If I were you I would make an 2018 rxtx 300 carbon hull that happen to be weak and some of them have cracked even with low hours. More have problems with just the top coat.

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    Must be nice to be able to do cool things like that. I have wondered about a carbon hull for over 20 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OP. LOCK View Post
    2020 rxpx has exactly the same design as yours. However If I were you I would make an 2018 rxtx 300 carbon hull that happen to be weak and some of them have cracked even with low hours. More have problems with just the top coat.
    I agree, seems like you would have a ready market for 2018-2019 rxt. Very cool. Mine hasn’t cracked yet, but I would consider a change like that for sure if the price point made sense when it does crack. Nice work!

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    i'm not really looking to produce a lot of hulls. I understand what you guys are saying about the rxtx hulls, but im willing to bet most of those guys would be thrilled with a better glass replacement hull. they are pretty new still and should be covered under warranty i'd think.

    glad to hear the hull is still the same design. i'm probably going to still build myself one, but it would be nice to offset the 10k plus time in the tooling.

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    Just to give you a bit of inspiration

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    they are making a few bucks on that bottom deck...

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    I would think the bottom is easier to mold and produce than the top???

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    Hey, bad ass idea I'd be interested in one.. how cheap we talkin haha I've wanted a carbon hull forever.Are you thinking full top deck and bottom hull in carbon? The T3 hull you have is the same to 2020 and to be honest I'd just leave the pump tunnel alone they don't stuff untill far into the 90's. The T3 is such a good turning hull but takes a lot of power to get it into the 90's just because of the drag associated with the shape of the hull where as the gp hull is long and straight so better for top speed. When I was talking to some of my buddy's who race I think I remember them saying these hulls get twitchy and a little unpredictable when lightened up past a certain point.. I'll try and find some more info on what weight that is.

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    there's a few things you can do to help with hulls being twitchy when light. I need to look mine over or find a t3 hull to start planning. sometimes you can drop the cg if there's anymore room to lower the motor. you keep the top deck light and don't go all out on the bottom deck. chines and how the water breaks off chines or hull lines can make things weird feeling when light.

    depends on if I get a few people to commit. i'd probably use the first hull as mine just to see if there are any changes I need to make. the majority of the ski would be carbon fiber. to give you an idea. if a factory hull weighs 200lbs I could probably get the hull to 85lbs and be stronger than the factory hull. if someone wanted a hull just for drag racing it could probably be close to 70lbs. as far as price it would come down to if class a finish is desired or class b is ok. how many people I get off the block so to speak. hard numbers cant come until I actually come up with a laminate schedule for the hull. the good and bad is I use aerospace grade carbon. then use a specially formulated epoxy that's uv resistant and able to be infused. then if you wanted it all bonded or shells or pretty much ready to go but in halves for easy bottom deck assembly lot to it all ha. thanks for the input though. I appreciate it

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