I know some of you have kids, and may be in the Ohio or Wisconsin areas.

We like going to indoor water parks like Great Wolf and such in the winter.

A new one opened in Sandusky Ohio called The Kalahari Resort. It boasts a very large indoor water park.
When I was in Sandusky, I stopped in to check it out, it looks very nice.
But this is where it goes bad.
My wife asked me to make reservations and we checked the prices online. They seemed very high for the time of year (mid Feb)
I called reservations and attempted to make a reservation, they were not helpful and when I asked about the pricing, they offered no help, just saying those are the rates, take it or leave it. Most reservations people are very helpful in finding the best times and rates, not this place.

I then went online and found out that if we come a week earlier, the rate was half what I was quoted on the phone for the next week. Funny, the reservations clerk did not point that out.

Pleased that we had found a more reasonable rate, I attempted to book it online. The process-crashed right after I hit submit and was left with no confirmation number or e-mail to show if I had a room.
I called the reservations back and yes, they had my reservation. I explained that their site had crashed and thatís when they got rude. ďOur site is fine, you messed up, and on and on. All I said was it crashed. Guess customer service is not their strong point.
After I was totally berated by the staff, I decided I did not want to stay there. I explained I donít like treatment I was getting from them and wanted to cancel the reservation made only 10 min prior.
She got very rude and then said, fine, but we are charging you the full cancellation Fee!
I said no, your site caused the problem; Iím not paying anything. She the put me on hold for over 20 min listening to music on hold so distorted and loud it was painful.
She finally came back and said, ďFine, we wonít charge you the FeeĒ, but she was very rude in her tone.

I then asked why their rates vary hundreds of dollars from day to day, she said they charge what the can get away with based on rooms available.
I donít like that practice at all. Very unprofessional.

In conclusion, they charge what ever they like, treat you like crap, and have no clue how to treat guests.
Sorry for being so long, but the treatment was unreal.
This is just how I was treated, yours may vary.