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    Thanks you guys a lot for the inputs. I will try with water and then kero. I'm just taking this project slowly.

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    How about a little water to dissolve the salt? I'm not sure how you'd soak those bolts. But I've had some luck freeing up salt-bound parts by soaking them in water. After all, water does dissolve salt. Maybe a pressure washer would do the trick.

    Another tip, but it's too late for you... when I see that a bolt is salted up like that, I'll tap it a few times with a hammer before trying to loosen it. That usually breaks up the salt and allows the bolt to turn. The one place where that's worked for me a number of times is on Kawasaki handlebars. The bolts that hold the bars to the stem are always loaded with salt and snap easily. A good whack on the head with a hammer breaks the salt.

    A big concern for you is to avoid breaking those bolts any further. You'll need something you can grab with a vice-grip to get those bolts out of the mid-wall. If you can't get them out, you'll have a real headache.
    Back then I did use hammer to impact the bolts, didn't really do anything.

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    Key thing now is to remove it without damaging that mid-wall. The bearing seal holds back the water pressure from the jet pump, so it needs to be a good seal. If you do any damage to the mid-wall, you'll probably end up with a leak.

    And replacing the mid-wall is a tough job. I removed one from an older SMC hull that I cut up and did a decent amount of damage to the inside of the hull. I'd guess it would destroy a nano hull.

    Maybe you could use a dremel or cut-off wheel to cut through the housing from front to back, but stop short of the mid-wall. Then break it the rest of the way. If you cut it on either side of each bolt, you'd be able to grab the remaining piece and back out the bolts. If I remember correctly, the threaded inserts in the mid-wall are made of brass, so the bolts probably didn't seize into the threaded inserts.

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