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    93' Polaris SL650 engine conversion

    Good Day to all. After being tied up for some time, I am able to get back to work on our waverunner. Here's my dilemma. I have a 93' Polaris 650 (bought it new) with a completely rebuilt engine and the body is newly painted (airbrushed) and an excellent trailer. The hull is 100% perfect. Unfortunately, I live in the peoples republic of California and 2 strokes are so limited on our local waters as to make it worthless! Even if we go to Nevada, we have to be on the river downstream from the dam.

    Here's the question. Is there a 4 stroke that I can drop in this thing with relative ease? I just want to be able to let my grandkids go 40-50 mph an have some fun! I am very good at mechanics, but don't want to get in a nightmare that makes it, cost-wise, unrealistic. If a conversion is not possible, I'm going to just give it to some young couple that might be able to enjoy it, limited as it is under out current laws!'

    Murrieta, Ca.

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    Well, installing a modern engine in a 27 year old hull is a lot of work. Even if the engine ‘drops right in’ (which it not) there will be plenty of other things needing custom fabrication. Or hunting for parts from other models/brands to get it to fit together.

    If you are interested in such a project and willing to invest the money and effort, go for it.

    The simpler approach is to sell/give it to someone in a state that does not (yet) have 2-stroke PWC restrictions.

    There are some modern watercraft with similar overall size and weight to the old SL hulls. Some are lighter in weight. Hull design has also evolved since then.

    Looking just at PWC engines, Seadoo has the compact ACE engine used in the Spark. Yamaha has the TR-1 three cylinder engine.

    You would have to do some careful measurements to determine if either of those would actually fit under the SL seat and have the crankshaft centerline align with the stock jet pump axis.

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    I’m guessing engines like that for sale used are rare, and pricey.

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