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K447, thank you.
It is hard to say how much farther apart I need to go with bunks. I can only gestimste.
I wish I could just flip my Runner upside down and measure...you'd think Yamaha publish detailed instructions and measurements.

Do you use any GPS on your ski?

How do you prep. your ski fir salt water?

What water ski or board should I buy to get my family in water skiing and water boarding (...last one doesnt sound right... but you know what I mean)
You can loosen the winch strap and then slide the hull backwards on the trailer just enough so that you can see and measure the hull bottom strake spacing distances. And estimate how much the bunks would have to be shifted sideways to just clear the strakes on both sides.

Tip: hook the trailer to your tow vehicle and latch it onto the ball so the tongue cannot tilt upwards as the trailer weight center shifts rearwards.

I use a large Garmin chartplotter on my GP1800

I applied CRC Heavy Duty Corrosion spray to all the metal engine exterior surfaces.


I have posted elsewhere about the Whale SS1212 bilge pump I have installed, with photos.