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    Which wire exactly is ‘disconnected from everything’ yet still showing some connectivity to electrical ground? The Yellow/Black wire going into the actual CDI module?

    There are NO ohm measurements or even continuity measurements that are useful on the CDI module itself.

    Ohm measurements are useful for the stator coils.

    Voltage measurements relate to the CDI and the Brown ‘8 volt’ power feed wire to the Hall Effect sensors. Hall Effect sensors can be tested using an ohmmeter when yeh sensors are temporarily powered by a 9 volt battery, per the documented test method.

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    If testing the blk/yel wire for ground was an accurate test Polaris would have included it in the service manual.

    Testing a circuit with a meter will be completely different then having the working load on that circuit.
    I have had many automotive circuits show 12v with a meter and not be capable of any amperage.

    A transistorized circuit might test completely different when not in an energized state.

    Correct- the charging circuit has NOTHING to do with the ignition circuit.

    You have to test voltage supply to the CDI when cranking. That is step one.
    If you are unable to do these tests- asking for advise is useless.
    Guessing is entirely up to you.

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