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    probably a stupid question but...

    where/how do you get the other key for the kawasaki ultra 250X? i got one a couple days ago and i only have the yellow SLO key. im not a learner.. i do not need the smart learning operation key. ive been riding for 8 years. how much faster does the pwc go with the full operation key?

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    Loads...........faster, just contact your local dealer, but you will need to take any keys you already have to them, when he re-programs your new one he will also have to do your old one, don,t lose the one you got or you could be lookin at a new ECU, loads of money........The ECU not the new least that what I,ve learned from the site....

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    It should have come with the full power key. And yes it makes a load of diffrence.

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    I was told if I lose my keys they had to change the whole ignition system that would come with new keys. I dunno if they lied to me but they said be careful dont lose em cause of that...

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    You just need one key to get the others remade. If you bring them your slo key, they should be able to set you up with your zoom-zoom key.

    But I'd bitch to them for only giving you the slo key, and would definately NOT pay for it.

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