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    Not sure if this topic has been posted yet, but can anyone tell me the best GPS to buy as far as price and user friendliness?And where. I was told best buy has some nice ones , but was also told you have to download the counties using software, does this sound right?

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    If you r just using it for speed test on the ski. Garmin geko or etrex will be the best or cheapest in price.

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    I've got the Garmin eTrex Legend and have plans to use it in car and water, but have only gotten to learn the speed thing.

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    The garmin geko 201 is the best one that I have tested against my radar gun. It is not more than .1 mph off 99% of the time. I have never seen more than .5. I bought every GPS Wallmart and Bestbuy had when I was buying my GPS to test.

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    Best handheld GPS that is marine safe IMO is the Garmin GPSMAP 76CS.

    Best bang for the buck handheld that's marine safe is the Garmin etrex vista (preferably the color model).

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    BTW garmin has a $50 rebate offer on the color handhelds right now.

    looks like it's good through july 5th

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