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    Downgrade VXR to EXR in the surf ?

    Should I downgrade my MY14 VXR to a new EXR ?

    I cruise mostly at around 40, sometimes give it a squirt flat out but because there is always some chop around 40 seems to be the number when traveling to the surf beach. I sometimes tow water toys, surfboards etc. Also in and out of the mangroves.

    But what I really love and what I have a ski for is following the coast in the surfs wave breaking zone. Smashing, jumping and surfing on the forming and breaking waves. My previous ski was a Kawasaki 260X, when I changed last time I went for less power and less weight with the VXR, it was the best move. The only thing I missed was the hole shot of the supercharger, but the ski could actually surf the waves, I can do 10x the amount on the lighter ski and get away with it where I'd end up beached on the Kawasaki.

    So this time around for a trade in, do I go lighter and slower again ?

    It's a big step backwards, will I love it or hate it ?

    How much less power does it have 0-40 ?

    How much rougher in the chop ?

    Has anyone ridden both ?


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    If you can find someone in your area that has one to try that would probably be best. I personally wouldn't make the swap but I'm also not into jumping the waves.

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    I purchased a EXR last summer, really love it, tops out at 54 but like you most of my riding is off shore, it’s really agile and has a great holeshot, it blows my 98 Kawasaki 1100zxi out of the water from a standstill. The only issue I have is the nano xcell2 Hull seems noisy when jumping waves. I’m at the Jersey shore if you’re nearby I’d be glad to let you try it when the season starts.

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    I wouldnít do it- itís always better to have more power than you need.

    Example- ur out riding and something happens (rain storm coming at you or you need to get back quickly for whatever reason) if you are on a slow ski ur gonna be pissed and regret you got a slower ski.

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