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    Does Riva/Jesus have 1000cc inj tune for sho 6an ecu?


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    Did you send him an email? It's the holidays so response may be slow but as much as I've bothered him with a PITA ski he always tried to help....

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    I believe he has I have one on my SHO 2008

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    If he doesn't he will write you one. He's very good about replying to emails.

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    Let us know how you do with the sho.... there's something in my buddies (and I have heard of others) that they get stuck around 83-84mph. For some reason we've logged, and cant figure out why, itll let you run 100% throttle for a couple seconds then close the blade to 60-70%.... if someone knows why, how to correct that, or had the same issue let me know

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    Is the best email for him

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