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    What is best way to clean exhaust ports and head from salt corrosion?

    I bought a 2016 Yamaha FX Cruiser ho and it had a water leak so I took the exhaust off and found the water jacket below it to be warped in leaking water but also I noticed a lot of corrosion buildup in the exhaust ports what is the best way to clean the exhaust ports from all the salt corrosion so water can run smoothly for cooling?
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    Carefully scrape it out with a small pick or similar.

    You need to realise there are small 3/16" sized holes inside the "ports"which shoot water to the top of the combustion chamber. The water jacket "ports are not going anywhere and are shallow it is the small holes which the water goes through, if they are blocked you will have a random overheat.

    From memory there is one hole per port except from memory on number 4 for the n/a motor.

    Use a flashlight and mirror and you will see them.

    When they are partially or fully blocked I have used a needle file to push deep through and work the salt out.

    You can then remove the cylinder block anode and back flush the engine to get the crap out of the engine, just be careful not to get water in the cylinders.

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    I cleaned mine with a flat head screw driver and scrape.

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    Let the motor dry and blow it out with compressed air. Remove as many easy coolant lines, anode, temp senders as possible. Warning the salt will blow out all over and you should flush the bottom of the ski thru the plugs. If you have lots of build up, you should remove the exhaust manifold. Just let it roll away from the head it does not need to come out of the ski. Remove the coolant manifold. This will expose lot of build up if you have it.


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    So I took a razor blade and cleaned off surfaces that butt up to other parts with a gasket... nice and shiny. The inside ports I used a small round bristle brush to scrap any corrosion off.. then used compressed air through the thermostat opening and through the exhaust ports..and removed the coolant manifold which is below the exhaust manifold... used the bristle brush to clean that and compressed air as well... and made sure it was free of debris and corrosion..... just kept doing that for a little while... that was the easiest part.. just let the compressed air do the work.. checked it all out with camera from phone and all holes are cleaned out and free of debris or corrosion. Then sprayed the inside of all the holes(thermostat opening, ports where water runs through) with SALT AWAY.. right from bottle. Let that sit overnight and then wipe surfaces of excess SALT AWAY.. now it's ready to put everything back together again.. not hard just tedious and meticulous. Since it's your own machine you take extra care to make sure it's all clean. Good luck with yours. THANK GOODNESS THE 1.8 ENGINE IN THE 2012 AND UP HAS SO KUCH ROOM TO WORK ON ENGINE THAT IT MAKES IT EASY TO WORK ON AND GET THINGS WORKING RIGHT.. OF COURSE THE RIGHT TOOLS HELP

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    Before and after pics
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