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    SVHO shopping and timing chain thoughts.

    Read all the threads I can find. Understand 14-15 are the ones with issues.
    16 fine from factory with new set up.

    most say yamaha will replace with 16 motor but not sure I trust that as I plan to mod it and spin it past 8500 -9000...

    so in the year 2020. Whatís the general consensus? Donít buy 14-15 unless warranties? Has anyone ever been turned down for a broken chain? Modded or not?

    goal is 2016 FZR running around 90 mark....

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    Was there ever a vin range to know if one is past when bad chains or anything either.?

    i would rather not be waiting for it to be a warranty issue.

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    I would avoid the 2015 and older skis. The 16s are old enough to get a good deal. A simple stage 3 setup will go 90 in FX or FZR.

    I would replace the fuel pump due to age. You will need a expensive clutch at some point too.


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    Upgraded my 2012 SHO to a 2016 FXCSVHO and love it. You have to get the correct mods for whatever you buy...

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