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    Impeller Advice for 2013 FZS SHO with modifications

    Hey guys...I'm looking for a new impeller and need some advice as to which brand / pitch to get. Here is my current setup and plans:

    2013 FZS SHO:
    ET 15.5 wheel
    R&D Shaft
    Titanium Retainer Upgrade
    SVHO Injectors
    Aeromotive RRFPR Setup
    Fizzle Intercooler w/ Tial 50mm
    Riva Power Filter
    Ribbon Delete
    Riva Through Hull Exhaust
    R&D Intake grate
    Jim's modded ride plate
    Dedicated engine and intercooler cooling lines
    Innovate AFR and Boost gauges

    I'm hoping to keep the RPMs around 8600 for now because I think it'll be fast enough for me with those mods and rpms. I need a new impeller and have considered a custom pitch from Dean, a Solas 13/22R, or even a Skat. What impeller and pitch would you guys recommend for my setup? I'm sticking with the 155mm setup for now so it'll need to be a 155mm SHO impeller.

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    I am running a 13/22r on my SHO. Mods in sig.

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    I ran a skat 13/23 for years with pretty much that setup
    86 mph at 8,600

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    Thank you. I've been looking at the Skat 13/23 and I'll think I'm going to start there, especially if other people like FX160 have tried it with a similar setup.

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