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    polaris msx 150

    hi everyone
    I'm Luca and I'm from Qeensland Australia. for what I can see in this forum you guys are very experienced and very keen to help. Will give you some history and hope someone can help me get my msx 150 back. I got the ski from a friend of mine that was hading back to New Zeland. He pulled the ski apart willing to emprove it and life got in the way so he couldn't finish it. I got the ski from him with the pomise that he would give me all the running gears so I could finish it. Long story short he left for New Zeland without giving me anything. I menaged to get a short block from the states with a turbo assembley but everything else is missing. This is a very rare model in Australia and nearly inpossible to find one. I think that the same running gears and electronic was used in other models during the same production years maybe on sea doos or other brands.
    Does anybody knows in what other models I can find what I need to finish my project.
    thanks in advance for your help and advice

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    What DID you get from your friend? Just an empty hull?

    Is the ‘short block’ assembly you purchased from the USA an actual Polaris MSX 150 engine or a Weber manufactured engine from some other machine?

    Is the short block engine used or new? Condition?

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    May of us have enough spare parts to open a small store. If not, then we have the ability to source them. In addition to K’s question, can you post a picture of what you do have ?

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