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    300x Impeller/Pump ?

    HI all
    Newb hear so sorry in advance if I posted in the wrong section.
    My 2013 300x jet pump bearings collapsed and the impeller locked/jammed up against the pump housing wear ring and the ski stopped Instantly.
    I fitted new genuine bearings and seals and cleaned up the impeller.
    After assembling the pump I checked the impeller clearance and it was the maximum allowable clearance , so I thought I'd fit it back up and test it thinking if the clearance was to loose that it would probably rev a litter higher from cavitation.
    To my surprise it would only rev to 7400 rpm where prior to the pump bearings collapsing it would rev to 7800/7900 rpm.
    The bearings and impeller all assembled perfectly and all was torqued to spec.

    So I was hoping someone could tell me why its lost its top end rpms ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Before you rode the ski did you check to see if in the process of the pump failure. it' hasnt take out your engine.?
    1st thing before you run the engine again check to see if you have any / excess crank float...
    Then we will worry about your low rpms
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