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    Did you reset the timing marks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottkrissinger View Post
    Did you reset the timing marks?
    Yes, and I get same problem on the old timing (before reset)

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    I reset the timing for 3rd time then it start without hold the throttle and t run really smooth but I have question about the rpm, It should be stable on 1300 right ?
    Because mine rpm increase and decrease between 1270 - 1300 or it's normal for engine run after 1 year with all new parts (Connecting rods, crankshaft, piston,oil pump impeller,upgrade jet pump,change bearing in all places,o-rings,gaskets.....etc)?

    Also, should I follow break-in procedure or it just for new one?

    thanks for all

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    1270-1300 sounds pretty stable to me for a recip engine.

    I used to sell turbine controls that could keep a large steam turbine at 20,000 RPM, +/- 1.

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    Follow break in procedure. Sometimes that fluctuation goes away after riding it.

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    Thanks for all who help me. Finally the end of story

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