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    Loosen the upper chain guard and use a screw driver to hold the slack until you get the tensioner set. Make sure your count is good.only rotate that motor clockwise. Rotate crankshaft one revolution clockwise by hand. Do not start the motor until you are sure timing marks are perfect.
    Ok, I will try to re-timing but, I need to use TDC gauge because it is in the hull right? and after that I will upload the photo of it.

    Thank you Scottkrissinger

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    How did you do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottkrissinger View Post
    How did you do?
    I don't do anything because my collage holiday is end so, I will come back and work on it next holiday.

    thank you Scottkrissinger for your interest

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    Because the collage closed now <<<COVID-19. I return to work on my jet ski I receive the tdc gauge but the problem is the rod on the indicator is too short and now I try to make 120mm length rod. Then I will follow the instruction of timing when the engine in hull.

    thank you

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    Hello everybody today, I try to make tdc by using the TDC gauge but the problem it is very hard to know if the mark on camshaft is aligned with the cylinder head.I adjust them but I am not pretty sure if they are aligned exactly or not. Also, while I tight the camshaft cover bolts one of them broke inside and I don't know how I will remove it

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    You got some bad luck but if you manage to get that bolt out I have a spare i can send ya!

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    An E-Z Out would probably be the first step, but the head needs to be mounted in a mill and the bolt needs to be milled flat, then center punched and drilled.

    A machine shop can do it, or they might use an Electrical Discharge Machine to burn it out.

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    What I do is center punched without milled it flat so, when I drill it become one side very near to thread and other side little far from the thread then I use E-Z Out but when I tight it and turn it half rotation then stop I afraid fro breaking the E-Z Out inside hole so, I remove it then make the bolt smaller then smaller and finally I do new thread with same size I tight it and it's OK now.

    I'm pretty sure the timing now is correct but I still not tight
    camshaft cap bolts with the specs torque and I don't run it until now.

    thank you mwhc I install aftermarket bolt with same size

    thanks for all

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    I run it now it work just few second then it shutoff directly as you hold the throttle it work but the rpm is not stable and when remove my finger from throttle it will shutoff.
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    I think the problem is from tps or iac so,today I check the tps and it work well also, for iac is same.

    Anyone now how can I solve this problem?

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