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    Fixing under side of 2015 vxr waverunner. Ideas on flipping ski? Products to patch?

    we routinely beach our ski which wears the hull to a point of causing a hole. There’s no way around it we have to beach the ski. The point it wears through is just in front of the grate. Any ideas on ways to flip the ski? Also do we need to drain the gas tank and Motor oil or could we leave the gas in the tank?
    Suggested products to patch the hull? Any products strong enough to patch hull and be able to work upside down and avoid needing to turn the ski over? Lots of questions, your help will be much appreciated.

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    If your going to flip the ski over, yes, the gas and oil needs to come out.

    You should be able to do the repair without flipping it over. Do a search and you'll find numerous posts that members have posted advising the proper materials needed and with pictures as they did their work.

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    Should be able to roll/support the ski to one side is good enough, to avoid oil and gas issues.
    2015 VXR.... that's a gen 1 nanoxcel smc, so please liberally wipe the area clean with de-greaser/de-waxer agent each and every time after you grind or sand. Nano has embedded "wax" substances, so you'll be spreading it around every time you mechanically work the area - which can lend to patch failure later on.
    As far as patch resins go, I can tell you what absolutely NOT to use --> polyester-base resins! Rather, the epoxy-based resins will offer your best adhesion results as they are more compatible with Yamaha's SMC. You can work the epoxy just like regular fiberglass layups, however the main difference being that you'll always add any optional resin fillers (aka fumed silica, loose glass strands, etc...) AFTER you mix-in the epoxy catalyst.
    Again, the nano wax contamination will be your biggest headache. Wipe clean prep is 90% of a long life reliable patch.

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