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    Whats a broken down 03 worth?

    So I have found a 03 1300r with 80 +/- hours on it, the ski injested water all I know is the head is cracked (dealeship told him) and they said it was rebuildable .... other than that I know very little about it... other than the tunnel was never fixed which caused it to get water in the motor. (tunnel has been fixed) what do you guys think its worth? Its in good shape and 100% stock... whats worse case for the motor?

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    Well, for one if the head is cracked, there must have been a bad hudrolock to cause the head to crack. Might have a bent rod in that case. Worse case for that motor is that if this all happened in salt water, by the time you get it it will all be rusted internally and you will need to start from the ground up with the motor. I would give it $3,000. But that's just me.

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