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    19 vxr ho. Gas smell in hull

    Today I went to charge the battery and I took the seat off and I smelled gas Iíve had a lot of skis never smelled gas before
    I donít see a puddle I just smell vapors this thing only has about 14 hours on it I thought last summer i smelled gas i
    Any ideals thanks
    Yes I still know itís under warranty

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    Feel (or slide a rag) directly under the engine (front, middle, rear areas under the engine).

    If liquid fuel is leaking from somewhere, it may pool under the engine where there are recesses. Tilt the trailer so the bow is moderately high and any liquids inside would tend towards the rear under the engine. If there is enough tilt and enough liquid it will flow past the mid-wall into the rear of the hull.

    Inspect the fuel filler hose and hose clamps at each end. You will have to release the white plastic retainers to get behind the plastic access panel in front storage.

    Also inspect the top of the fuel tank for loose vent hose, cracked plastic, etc.

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    Its on a dolly so i cant tilt
    just a strong vapor
    will slide a rag around

    where is vent ?

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    Okay i left seat off -never smelled gas
    put seat on 1 day next morning smelled gas in hull
    i saw vent on top
    real simple design fuel pump in tank one line running to fuel line no gas puddle under injectors
    i will be taken to shop soon just looking for ideas

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    I haven't a theory regarding the source of your issue,... but I have a few questions...
    a) How full is the tank presently? If full, how full is full exactly?
    b) Can you confirm if there is (or is not) the build-up of positive pressure in the fuel tank? Example, open the fill cap.... is the a rush of air released, or nothing at all? After a few hours/days, does the pressure build back up again?
    c) Tracing the vent line, is there any fuel or water present in the liquid-trap separator that's mounted inside upside-down inside the hull ?

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    Will answer this weekend skis at lake
    not sure of level of gas -thinking pretty full
    i know the separator is dry and closed ran fingers on line looking for leak
    will pop tank and check pressure on cap

    19fxho no gas smell -same set up
    no gas in tank possibly 2 gallons

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    Pressure in tank
    4-5 inches fuel in tank
    left alone checked pressure 4 hrs later
    pressure in tank

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    So the pressure build-up is normal for these models, and it is intentional. That's a good sign. FYI, raw Petrol naturally releases hydrocarbons (which are bad for the environment), so the Yamaha vent system permits some positive pressure to build up in order to slow down the development of them. That said, it's still a system under pressure, meaning seals and gaskets need to be up to the job, which bring me to the next topic.

    4-5 inches ... I'm assuming from the bottom (not the top)?? Sounds like more voided space is in the tank than full, would you say?
    This can be relevant to your issue, because hydrocarbons (HCs) need space to occupy, and the more empty space in the tank allows for more hydrocarbons to exist, which lends to greater pressures. This added pressure might either be exposing an inadequate seal or gasket, and/or could be just causing the vent system to do its job and constantly purge (relieve) the above normal pressure build-up. Yet my guess is leaning towards the pressure slipping by something inside the hull. Things to check: fuel line to the fuel rail, the bolts and gasket for the fuel pump ring, the vent clamps/hoses inside the hull, the fill hose clamps, and the rubber access cap clamp on the top of the tank (off the top of my head).

    Please Google-search "gas can storage safety practices", as these principles also apply to your ski as the fuel tank during lay-up is basically a gas can, right. Experts say to keep gas cans over 95% full (as to minimize void space volume for hydrocarbons), as this will greatly help to keep the static HC pressures under control. Also mention old gas and temperatures playing a role as well.

    In summary, I'd get the ski professionally inspected by the dealer to insure the fuel system is safe (all is tight). Then I'd practice keeping the tank full to the top (leaving just a small 1 inch air-gap at the top), along with added fuel stabilizer to keep HC pressures down to a minimum.

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    If you have a gas smell in your hull you have a fuel leak somewhere. It MUST be found and repaired before you take it out!

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