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    Js550 cooling line?

    Hello, Iím not good at this internet stuff but Iíve searched for awhile without finding a solid answer.

    Im fixing up a Js550 and Js440. I am completely new to the machines.

    My question is what do use for the cooling lines? Iíve heard the standard Home Depot pvc braided lines work but also that they canít handle the heat. Iíve heard air compressor lines work but Iíve also heard to not use them. Basically, what is an affordable cooling line for these machines? What water temperatures are they generating? I can find air compressor hoses rated to 190 degrees but Iím not sure if that is enough. Thank you.

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    Heater hose from your local autoparts store. If you use that braided hose it will get hot melt at connection and slip off..

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    I've used the pvc/vinyl air hose several times with no issues.

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    I have had it melt on my stxr and come right off..

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