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    2005 Wake Edition with 215HP?

    I am new to owning a ski but have been around a few. I am more of a newbie than anything. I have search this site as well as google and cannot find the answer. I see where the new Wake editions have the SC option, but was this available in 2005. I am looking at what is advertised as a 2005 Wake RXT. Please shed some light on this for me.


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    The first year Seadoo produced a 215hp Wake is 2007. The Wake is virtually a "GTX" model not an RXT.

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    it looks good too, takes the same mods...

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    Thanks for the replies. Come to find out it is a Wake Edition, but has a cover from a RXT, so the seller (dealer that knows nothing about skis) thought it was supercharged.... I should have known.

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    Our friends have the Wake 2006, it's not a SC model but it's pretty nice.
    I think they gave up trying to wake board behind it though, I mean it works and everything, but for serious boarding, well...

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    Boarding behind a ski is a joke lol! Well maybe not for a newbie at the sport but yea...

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    I have no desire to wake board behind it. Maybe pull kids on a tube or ski. What got my attention to it in the first place was the power. Come to find out the real story, I am looking elsewhere for a RXT.


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    If your not looking at the 2007 wake with the 215, get a RXT and put the seadoo ski pylon on it. Thats what i did. Plenty of power for skiing and tubing. Can be a real wild ride behind a ski on a tube- or tame, depends on the driver.

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    Welcome to the forum !

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