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    96 Superjet sketchy and wobbly with destroyer sponson’s

    So I bought a stock clean 96 Superjet threw on some destroyer sponson‘s And it carves like crazy but wobbles like crazy going straight on glass. I’m thinking of shaving the top of them a little so they’ll be a little higher and also moving them back a couple of inches so they will go even a little higher and maybe not engage until I have hit the turn have any of you Superjet riders done that? I noticed when I put the stock ride plate on it wobbles less. If any of you have done anything like that please let me know thanks

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    Some people have had good results by cutting the 1" rear lip off of the back of the ski.
    The upper deck lip grabs the water when on glass and causes the ski to rock side to side.

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    Thanks John, maybe this summer when more people are out riding and I see some people on Superjets I’ll ask them if they’ve done that sounds like it makes sense hate to cut into the Ski just yet But if that’s what I have to do I will do it. Thanks

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