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    Help/Advice: Re-seal 1995 WaveVenture 700

    Newbie to the forums here...

    Took my old ski in due to a water leak and the Service Shop advised that the leak is actually coming from where the top meets the bottom of the ski. Apparently I'll need to remove the top from the bottom and re-seal it. They checked all hoses and cables for leaks as well as any non-visible hull damage then proceeded to put some water in the engine compartment, lift the front of the ski out and as they claim "Water was just pouring out from the seams of the top and bottom." A few questions...

    Without wanting to put countless hours into this ski I'm wondering how best to proceed.

    1. Can I simply remove all the trim and rivets, crack the top from the bottom a bit and apply a new seal without having to remove the steering, fule and choke controls?
    2. What kind of sealant would be recommended to use to re-seal the top shell to the bottom?
    ...and lastly...
    3. I don't have a rivet gun but the rivets that I'll need to purchase to replace once putting back together don't appear to need a "special rivet gun". Is that so? If it is, do I simply hammer them back in?

    Any advice on this process would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    I once tried to split the two halves of a Yamaha. The glue that holds to top and bottom together is very strong, and I did a lot of damage to the hull trying to separate the pieces. If I had to guess, I'd say that there is fiberglass/SMC damage where your hull is leaking.

    I would suggest getting a marine grade bondo and trying to fill in the seams. If you try to split the halves, you'll probably damage the hull beyond repair.

    I speak from limited experience (1 attempt). Maybe someone else has some better info.

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