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    What gas cans/fill method you guys using?

    Hi Guys,

    Past year I've been using a pair of VP Racing 5 Gallon Jugs with the special filler hose. They were great when they were new. Fill them up, put them in the car and they don't smell at all, and they pour into the jetski super fast. But after one year, they both started leaking badly where I could no longer open the black breather valve for max flow.
    I inspected them carefully and it looks like the thread at the very top is kind of mushed a bit, exactly where it leaks. I'm suspecting I was over-tightening the caps, my fault, no problem.

    But before I start ordering replacement cans, does anybody have any recommendations? I have No-Spill cans for my ATV's and they work great, but I think to hold 5 gallon cans upside down while pushing the button may be a pain.

    Should I just buy VP Racing cans again? Or maybe I was thinking a pair of regular gas cans with the stupid EPA nozzle, and then buy a Tera Pump but that's also a $100+ proposition, and for $110 I can get 4 brand new VP cans.


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    I went through a fuel can analysis last year and became very frustrated. I don't mind using the EPA mandated nozzle but the brand I bought didn't last. I had to call the manufacturer for replacement seals. The nozzle that comes with the Linq fuel can has been durable. You will find many brands on store shelves and unfortunately there's no way to test them except by buying one and trying it.

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    I like the VP style jugs with the Stroker Trigger

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    Have yall had issues with the caps cracking near the threads where the hose/spout threads in? My caps all seem to die on the seam there even if I don't tighten them all that much. I have been considering making or buying a bulkhead fitting rather than the npt or whatever it is currently.


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    These are really good if you want the square style.

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    I also like VP style jugs with the Stroker Trigger. It is what I'm using currently. This is where I store my oil for my cooking, I like to use it since it doesn't spill outside of my WearEver Ceramic Cookware I recently found at
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