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    New Ski 2019 GTR 230 or 2019 RXT

    Hi Guys,

    First post, would love some help, I recently bought a 2019 GTR 230 and after 4 hours use want to trade it in for the RXT, obviously this comes at considerable expense.

    just wondering what the general take is? Is the RXT a massive difference and noticeable improvement for the extra $6k (AUD)

    Appreciate the advice, I would say for me it would be general use, both lake / river and a few waves here and there, nothing extreme or crazy.


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    Depends on if you're going to go with the RXT 230 or 300. I have a 2019 GTX 230 and I love it. My buddy has a 2019 RXT-X 300 and his brother has the RXT 230 and the 300 is an absolute animal. If you'd only be going with a RXT 230 then I would say to keep the GTR for a year or so and then upgrade

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