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    1990 650 waverunner taking on water

    My 1990 650 waverunner is taking on water, at a rapid pace. After 15 -20 min. it has 5 - 6" of water in it. Any suggestions for tracking down the leak, would be much appreciated. Thank you

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    Can you hear it leaking?

    My 1992 was leaking due to a bad midshaft bearing/seals.

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    Pull it out of the water and completely dry out the engine bay and let it air dry for a day. Place it back in the water without starting it and let it sit for a few minutes while standing beside it in 2ft of water with the hood open and observe if its coming in with the engine not running. If it is, take a look if its from behind the engine coupler to the front of the bay. If its not coming in while not running, fire it up and let it idle while up against a dock or on a trailer with the back end under water. From my experience with these older waverunners (I have a fleet of about 10) I would start by looking underneath the ride plate at the steering, cooling and bilge siphon lines infront of the pump(where they exit the hull). They all have rubber o-rings that keep them water tight. Being 30 years old those rubber o-rings are more then likely starting to crack and are an easy entry for water.

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    Most likely places on on old 650 will be the mid shaft seals, and the old fiberglass waterbox.

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