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    stator is new aftermarket from China... Is the cranking voltage generated from the stator?

    CDI is used from Ebay
    Coil is used from Ebay

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    That is the battery voltage while cranking. The voltage supplied to everything while cranking, the CDI really- really needs enough to operate at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tdmuir View Post
    While diagnosing through the LR-505 By-pass procedure I noticed that the wiring on my 2000 Polaris Virage TX (3 cylinder Red Domestic Carbureted) is still configured with the CDI Red/Purple plugged into the terminal board with all the other Red/Purple Wires. Taking the advise of the PWC update bulletin, I moved the CDI Red/Purple to the Orange tab that has the AGW 3amp fuse. As soon as I connected the negative terminal to the battery, the bilge pump began to run constantly. I've traced all of the updated schematic drawings and can't figure out why moving the Red/Purple wire would not cause the bilge pump to run. Any insights or thoughts?
    Moving the incorrect Red/Purple wire will force the bilge pump to run continuously.

    Leave all the Red/Purple wire connected together, same as pre 2001 factory config. Until you get the engine to run, it is not useful to link the CDI into the LR module.

    And even after you get it running, there is no need to move the wire unless your CDI has a no-warm-restart problem with the pre-2001 config.
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    Thank you for the information and advice. I will leave the Red/Purple wires grouped to factory set up unless the CDI has the no-restart issue.

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