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    2007 Yamaha GP1300R and 2005 Yamaha VX110 waverunners

    Hey guys I'm moving out of southern California to Nevada and selling my waverunners.
    It's been a great 12 year run with these two skis on the Colorado River and love every moment of it.
    But now its time to sell these and get into SxS riding adventures on desert trails.

    Anyway both these ski's are in great mechanical condition.
    I have been a forum member here forever and also on the Island Racing forum in the beginning.
    I am the original owner of the GP1300R and it has 6 hours on a complete top end rebuild.
    It ran premix most of its life but I converted it back to the oem oil injection system using amsoil interceptor oil.
    I prefer to sell this as a package including both skis and the double trailer but I am willing to break it up also.

    Regards, Ceril
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