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    best of luck to you if in the end you opt to go ahead with this project, the number you stated is for a ski sold by a dealer btw.

    average retail is $4000 btw NADA, $3540 KBB


    just for comparison, I had to pull an engine to fix an improperly installed encoding gear from a "guy who works on seadoos" last season

    just for the pull and resetting the flywheel, labor was $350+gaskets, bolts, oil/filter/coolant. The "guy" decided he couldn't be bothered with aligning the engine. I found all the shims in the forward storage box

    by the time it was all over ( the shop blew the ECU jump starting the ski because the timing wheel wasn't installed correctly) he was into the ski for close to 6k

    and that was for a 2003 185

    dont be that guy

    we've all have seen too many of these over the last few years.

    sell it, make some money and buy a runner, in the end you'll be far happier

    again, best of luck any way you go.

    choose wisely, this ski doesn't owe you a thing.
    Thanks you have been a lot of help I’m going to have to think on this Designation for a little while

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seadoo_101 View Post
    Thanks you have been a lot of help I’m going to have to think on this Designation for a little while
    So what is the final decision?

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