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    06 stx15f waterbox vibration

    Hi all,
    I'm new to this forum though have read a few posts from time to time
    I am from New Zealand and have recently purchased a low hour (just clocked over 70 yesterday) 2006 Stx 15f
    I understand this title has multiple listings and I have read quite a few of them.
    I have been chasing a vibration/harshness from the rear of the ski at certain rpms. -pump bearing are in perfect condition
    I am a Toyota mechanic with 30 years experience and I like my equipment to be tip top.
    I have removed the left waterbox this morning after previously trying to pack foam around it -and have found witness Mark's where the waterbox has been rubbing on the inside of the hull in one spot -i am going to repack the insulation foam before reassembling.
    My question is how far forward do you install the waterbox onto the exhaust manifold/collector?
    I have trial fitted it without the blue high temp hose on as far forward as possible and then marked the hull with permanent marker where the front pedestal is attached to the waterbox so I have an easy reference when assembling and the hose is overtop of it and it can't be seen.
    My workshop manual doesn't advise how far on it has to slide.
    Any help and advise is appreciated
    Thanks guys

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    Slide it on until it stops. Make sure you have the rings fully seated, wrap them with a thin layer of paper tape or painters tape just enough to hold the rings in place. The factory just intalls a rubber pad under the waterbox, then holds it in place with the rubber strap.


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    Cheers mate
    Rings are on and taped, I'll get some stick on hi density foam from work and replace the pads and assemble during the week after work.
    Really interested to see if there's a difference in the rearward vibration

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    Vibration might be from a loose baffle plate in the waterbox. A friend's ski had the same problem... made a lot of noise in the back of the ski that I initially though was due to the pump bearings going bad. Before you re-install the waterbox, shake it and tap it. There shouldn't be any noise coming from inside.

    We replaced his waterbox. Just a theory, but I'm thinking you could put some strategic dents into the waterbox itself to stabilize the baffle and stop the noise. The round welding marks around the waterbox are where the baffles are welded into place.

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    Thanks for your reply
    I had seen reports of this in other posts , I have checked my waterbox and it seems pretty good.
    There is quite a mark on the inside of the hull where the waterbox has been vibrating so that will be the first place that I apply some foam

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    Just an FYI - it wasn't so obvious that the baffle was loose. At first, I didn't detect anything loose. After bouncing the waterbox around a little, I heard the metallic noise coming from the inside. I'm guessing the baffle might have gotten wedged pretty tight, then loosened up from further tapping. But the noise was constant when running the ski, probably because of the exhaust pressure and motor vibration.

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