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    Salt catch and build up between compressor back side and hosing.
    Bearing sound ok after cleaning. No noise whatsoever, and spinning like a dream.
    Ill leave it so far but ill get kit for it for after season maintenance.

    Just wondering how this salt gets there?

    Inlet is absolutely clean. Salt cristals were visible 20 cm inside inlet hose. Rest was clean.
    I need to investigate that. Specially it has only 35 hours.

    About a catch can - its for oil i thought? Can you say more about it?

    Now waiting for this sick pandemic restrictions to be removed.
    I need to test both rxpx300and rxpx260 after engine rebuild.

    Cheers J

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    Similar thing happened to me , the Supercharger bearing failed. RXT300 2019 55 HOURS
    During the Christmas holidays I was out on the ski all day without any issues, put the ski on the trailer, went to start it so I could flush it and it acted like that it had a flat battery ( turned over slowly ) and wouldn’t start. I got a new battery , same thing, no start. Long story short, took it to my dealer, they said the charger bearing failed and put in a new charger under warranty. So far it’s all good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destructive429 View Post
    Dude you need a catch can
    Huh? How does a catch can prevent this? It's salt, not oil.
    Yes a CC is a good idea, but would not have helped this situation. Addresses a different situation.

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    I'd pressure test the intercooler. It could be dumping a bit of saltwater into the intake which partially evaporates when it hits the hot supercharger causing salt build up.

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    Hi. About catch can - i thought so. Its for engine breather.

    Intercooler ans hoses pressure tested. No issue.

    Now weather is so great in Ireland (20 celcius) so we need to use it for barbecue. Ill come back to this after long weekend. Which I will spend at home .... fcuk!!!
    Cheers J

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