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    Exhaust Bung adapter for OS sensor SHO

    Hi All

    I have an old 2010 FX SHO which has a M32 exhaust bung in an ideal spot to put a O2 sensor. Problem is the O2 sensors are M18x1.5 so I need a reducer adapter (Male to female) to screw into the exhaust. R and D used to sell them but are no longer in business.
    I have had a google look but not much success, what have you guys use or recommend?
    I got the bung out of the exhaust without any probs, just run the engine for a few mins and put a half inch rachet extender in the bung. Measured it and it looks like 32mm as measured across the threads at widest point. I assumed its metric otherwise its going to be 1.25inches or there abouts.



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    GreenHulk store sells them

    RIVA Yamaha O2 Sensor Mounting Kit, 2012 & Newer 1.8L Engines

    Built to exact OEM specifications our Billet Tail Pipe allows for use of Bosch O2 sensor without modifying the stock exhaust pipe. No drilling,...
    RY15040-TP-O2 $219.95

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctct2118 View Post
    GreenHulk store sells them

    Riva sell a mounting kit which I think is for the 2012+ models. I am just looking for an reducer Adpater to screw into the exhaust as the hole is approx 32mm in size.
    Want to avoid drilling and welding when I already have a mounting point.



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    I think worx still sell the adapter you are talking about
    But it has been a couple of years since I have bought one

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    Quote Originally Posted by fx160 View Post
    I think worx still sell the adapter you are talking about
    But it has been a couple of years since I have bought one
    Thanks FX160,

    I will check out their site and\or give them a call.



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    I have the exhaust bung you need for your SHO. If you are interested send me a PM.


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    my old riva one was aluminum and the o2 side of the threads rotted out. we took the riva one and bought a sparkplug helicoil kit and added the threads back in. worst case you can always drill out the plug and do the same. but looks like post above has one for sale.

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    Buy the adapter that Washingtonrider has and call it a day. I’ve been told that Worx still makes an adapter but I haven’t been able to locate it on their website. Sucks that no one is making them to replace the R&D one.

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