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    Yamaha suv 1200 OEM piston size

    I may have to bore my cylinder head. I am not familiar with the piston sizing. I see .84mm and +5 over. I don't understand. I would like to know the oem piston size and what would be the next sizes to bore out so i can go one or two sizes bigger to get rid of the scoring on the wall. Thanks guys.

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    84mm is the std bore size. Yamaha makes +.010"(.25mm) and +.020"(.50mm) oversize pistons. You can get larger sizes in aftermarket pistons, i.e. WSM and SBT, if needed. Take it to a machine shop and let them determine if the bore will clean up at first oversize or if you will have to go bigger. Once that's determined you will need to buy the pistons so they can bore it to the correct size.

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    Thanks ncdoo. I see the cylinders are sleeved. How hard is it to remove the sleeve and put in a new one? My concern is I may crack the block pounding it.

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