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    Stand Alone EMS Ideas

    Below are the links to the items, that I think, when linked together will provide an easier to tune solution for the supercharged 15Fs,modded 250Xs, and 4-Tec based craft (RXP/T, or the Vigilante GPR's) I still need to do a little more research as to some compatibility issues with connectors . Otherwise I think with basically fuel injection knowledge this should be easy to tune since the big stuff3 learns as it goes and creates a base tune

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    You better do alot more home work before you buy that stuff!!!

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    or let Nill's work on it later...

    seriously. A stand-alone ECU has a be not only installed correctly, but tuned correctly. better leave that to the Pros, unless you want to learn EFI by trial.


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    i've got the set-up in a drag car now, just not sure how to go about the install in a marine environment. i wasn't planning on tuning this myself anyways.....

    it would end up being tuned at the guy who tunes the drag car anyways.....

    i am more concerned about the interface at this point, it is easier to do in a car because of the GM and Ford style weatherpac connectors....

    i think once you have a set harness for the 4-tec, the 15F/250x, and the honda motor, people like you nitro, and nils could do tunes based on what the person is running in there set-up and be pretty accurate with the tune

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    Do not Tune by Trial and Error

    You need to know a lot of Stuff before you even look at the map.

    Like the following:

    Number of Crank Ref Teeth
    Number Of Sync Teeth (On the Camshaft)
    Ref Signal (Falling or Rising Trigger) (Hall Effect or Magnetic)
    Sync Signal (Falling or Rising Trigger) (Hall Effect or Magnetic)
    You need to know the crank index position
    Firing order
    Number of coils and injectors
    Type of coil and injectors
    Injection timing
    You have to calibrate the sensors(Air temp, water temp Map )etc..
    Throttle position High low

    And the list goes on and on. (This is after everything is wired correctly.
    If any of the wires are wrong you will have a lot of trouble.)

    Then you can have fun mapping

    So if you havent done it before...... I suggest you dont even think about it.

    If you are interested in Tuning Go to one of the courses provided by ECU manufacturers like I did with motec.

    I have done 5 Training Courses with motec before I started tuning @ the Years 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004.

    They do seminars all over the world
    pm me if you are interested or have any questions.
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