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    Exclamation 2008 kawasaki ultra 250x whining noise

    Good Day,

    I have a 2008 Kawasaki ULTRA 250X with 92Hours,

    When riding it, I get a very loud whining noise instantly when I accelerate, this noise only appears when I am in the water because when I flush the ski on the trailer there is no noise,

    I checked the following:
    - Supercharger Belt, stiff and tight and still has good grooves;
    - Supercharger Oil, seemed to have very little oil, around half the mark and the oil was very tick kinda sluggish;

    I have ordered the following to replace:
    - New Supercharger Oil from Kawiperformace
    - New Pumb bearings to replace the old ones, not yet upgrading to the 300X pump kit;

    What could be the reason for this noise, the more you rev the higher the noise,
    Also note that this ski had been stopped for almost a year at a 2nd Hand dealer,

    All Assistance and ideas are welcome,

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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    Superchargers do whine when making boost you know that right?

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    I'd be concerned about the jet pump.

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    Yes, but this whining is very loud,
    By the way i am getting around 10PSI of boost, is that ok?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve45 View Post
    I'd be concerned about the jet pump.
    Hi Steve45,

    Last night I removed the jet pump, the impeller spins smoothly with hardly no resistance, I do have new bearings arriving for the jet pump, will change them anyway,

    What about the PTO Bearings?

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    Does your pump have the locknut to prevent the shaft from pushing on the engine crankshaft?

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    I'll bet you solve the problem by replacing the pump bearings. On the trailer, there's no load on the pump, so the bearings would be quieter. Also, when spinning the impeller by hand, the bearing will seem smooth even if they are starting to go. There's a big difference between spinning the prop by hand and running it in the water at 7K+ RPMs.

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    Good Day Guys,

    hope all had a great weekend,

    Ok, so i replaced the supercharger oil,spark plugs, oil & oil filter,
    - Used new NGK (4717) PMR9B Laser Platinum
    - New Kawasaki Ultra 250X oil filter
    - 4.5 Lts of oil came out, put 4.5Lts of 10W40 Synthetic Oil (4.5LTS = 0.989 US Gallons = 4.75 Quarts)
    - Supercharger Oil from KAWIPERFORMANCE, 4OZ

    I put the jet in the water and the whining is still there,
    I seem to have lost some top speed because I was doing 112KMS (70MPH) 2 weeks ago and now doing around 86KMS (53MPH), water conditions were pretty much the same and in fact this weekend it was calmer, I also got a burning rubber smell inside the ski, really strong,

    My boost was constantly at 10PSI with 3/4 to full throttle and this weekend it was going up and down between 7 to 10PSI,
    RPM wise, 2 weeks ago 112KMS @ 7470RPM and this weekend doing only around 6800RPM,

    What could be causing it?
    I have not yet replaced the Bearings on the pump,

    When i take off there is basically a slow acceleration, I hear the engine REV but I take off quite slow, its been like this since I got the ski, after some 10 to 15 seconds it starts to gain speed,

    I also noted that there is no water coming out of the side outlet, while riding and while flushing, could it be clogged?

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    Good Day,
    I pulled out the guide vane last night and took a look at the splines, impeller and the vane,

    The splines on the shaft seem ok and if you pass your finger around them you can clearly feel it,

    In the impeller they also seem ok (the splines),

    I also found some broken parts on the vane,

    Also please see the spacing between the impeller and the guide vane, seems to be too much (could this be the reason I have almost no start acceleration?

    Where can I get a good deal on a Guide vane and impeller?


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