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    Miami to Bimini in 2020 ?

    Iím thinking about making the trip in 2020
    55 miles and the water looks incredible
    im in texas
    has anybody made this trip?
    I would like to try to work and lock some dates and try to make this journey
    if I got enough people there is a service they use Chase boats I donít know what the cost is
    anybody interested Iím pushing the idea with some of my Jetski buddies here in Texas
    If you have never watched a video you should
    the florida jetski riders if im saying that right just do a day trip
    i want to go for 3-4 days
    one off the bucket list lol

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    I also think it would be really cool. That said, it could be the worst thing you have ever done. Being from out of town, you will have to plan this trip well in advance, and in my opinion, this trip would only be fun if you it had 2-3 days of perfect conditions, which cannot be predicted in advance. Things can blow up quickly without warning, especially afternoons in summer. If I were you, if you have never rode open seas, I would try this first. 6 foot swells are fun to play on just offshore, but trying to traverse 55 miles might take 10+ hours, therefore nigh impossible for a sane rider. I remember reading about nightmares some guys had, busted teeth, busted skis, had to abandon skis, weeks of pain, etc.

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    We make an annual trip to South Padre Island, TX. We usually try to make a trip up the Intercoastal Waterway to Port Mansfield, and out to the cut to the beach. Total distance is about 70 miles. We've actually made it 3 times. Broke down once, then ran out of gas on the second 'Ski while towing the first one home. Broke down another time and successfully towed dead 'Ski home. Couldn't even begin last year because the sea grass was so bad we overheated a mile from the dock. Had to quit once because the water was too rough (Kawasaki STS 750 'Skis that time).

    We made it this year! It was the most miserable trip I've made on a JetSki in 27 years of riding. Hour after hour of riding 2 up in 3-4 foot waves. Had riders with low experience on the second 'Ski so we didn't go very fast. Even while wearing goggles that sealed pretty well, there were times I just closed my eyes for 100 yards at a time to keep the water out of my eyes. I couldn't see where I was going anyway. Fuel consumption in rough water is a LOT more than in smooth water! Got 100 mile range at the lake at home? You might get 40-50 miles in the waves.

    Sparky, since you're in Texas, I would suggest going to SPI and trying the trip we do to get some experience. You can get fuel and snacks in Port Mansfield. Pick a day when the wind is blowing 15+ MPH to get the full effect. If you want to try a shorter run first, take the ship channel over to Port Brownsville. It's about 25 miles round trip and you can see some big ships and offshore drilling rigs. Check the tide tables before you go and take a map!

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    The more I think about this
    this may be a bad idea
    it would almost take me two days to drive there which is four days driving
    if I was to do this I would give myself 2 to 3 extra days to get good weather 6 extra days. For way back and to - don’t really know how long it’s gonna take
    risk 20 plus grand 1 fxho 1 vxr both 19s

    from what I understand it’s just the crossing the gulf
    If you get over there it’s supposed to be really smooth so maybe I will just rent Jetskis down there and play it safe

    DAMMIT it looks so bad ass.
    bucket list- i have to ride there

    I have been riding Jetske’s since 1990 The spark was gone after we got 50 hours on it
    I have done quite a few trips but never in the ocean

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    Just a clarification, it isn't the Gulf, it is the Atlantic Ocean, much different water. I have been diving in this particular area more than riding, and cant tell you how many times conditions changed for the worst in a matter of hours in the summer.

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    I have done this 3 times (attempted it 4x). Very Simple, if bad weather stay put on land. I always go knowing that I may not make it due to weather. My failed attempt involved driving 1200+ miles......watching a movie in Miami and driving 1200+ miles home. I lost the $$$ for the Bimini rental, but no biggie, I was safe. Small price to pay. If you do go, do not go alone, do not overpack the ski, have basic safety gear (phone, radio, etc). I have to say if you get flat water, it is one of the most awesome rides on the planet.

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    Wasnt thinking i knew its not the gulf
    I keep going back-and-forth in my head I did read some stories about busted teeth but the guy was 10 miles out coming back at 65 miles an hour and jumped a huge wave -that wont be me
    I was reading it’s more likely to rain in the afternoons
    when I see some of the videos they’re leaving early Dawn
    I would never plan this alone or ride without Guidance
    it would be great to have your ski over there and then if it was bad weather just ran a golf cart cruise around
    i’m still trying to put it together in my head just suxs getting older and Thinking about the possible problems
    those videos are incredible almost like riding in a pool

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    Early summer is usually the best time of year for flat water. However, one thing a lot of people dont know about summer weather here in FL is that you only try to do this type of thing early in the morning, storms pop up almost every afternoon. I am confident that I could make it over there without drama, it is getting back that is iffy. Plenty of times I have planned something for the next day, only to find the next day the weather was totally different from the forecast the day beforehand

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    Well, Tampa-native here . . . and I’d love to ‘bucket-list’ this as well. That said, I’m 80% sure this isn’t going to happen for me - and I’m a fairly experience rider and boater, and I know my waters well.

    Sea Dood hit the nail on the head – weather weather weather - it’s all about the weather really. Straight line, flat waters, 35-40 mph, couple hours, 60-ish miles is easy-peasy riding for any modern-day ski & rider – BUT it’s all them dang environmental variables!! FL is known for its constant trade-winds, so what I would do, is get some historical wind-data of that area (several years worth), more detailed the better, and then plot the annual statistics for calm conditions. Oh, and go ahead and strike Florida’s entire official hurricane season off the calendar. And these efforts will just spit-ball a timeframe – not pin-point one. What you will discover is that there are relatively short and random stints of ideal weather, so those that have already made this trip have gotten lucky, and/or either timed-it out just right, but more realistically, they patiently waited and locally squatted the area to time the ideal day - easier of you are a FL local, more difficult being 1,200 miles away. Both Spring and fall (yes FL has those) are windy times. Winters are continuous-war between cold & warm fronts (you might find a random day or two between). So that pretty much leaves dead summer for the higher chances of calm conditions. Don’t quote me, but this works out to a window right up against the beginning of hurricane season. Even that said, you have spontaneous t-stroms that just crop up out of nowhere.

    Good health?? Physically-fit?? Open ocean riding can be very very exhausting EVEN when appearing relatively flat. The unseen "hidden" swells will take their toll on you at speed, & over time.

    Next is a chase-boat (or two). A decent one! Talking 25’ center-console deep V (cabin cruiser preferred) offshore dual engine craft. I would not think about going without one! It can carry extra fuel / water, and provide salvation if excrement hits the fan. The boat will also simplify docking over there, functioning as your mooring hub while in-country - as the boat gets the main permits, flag, and all the skis tie up to the boat. The boat will also provide legal ‘escort’ for all the skis while island-hopping.

    Experience counts – there have been plenty season past threads on here documenting trips. I’d not only read all of them, but perhaps hook-up with a few that have already ticked this box a few times already

    Finally, remember this general area got quite slammed recently by the hurricane that just sat there for days. You might want to inquire as to the recover state/status and infrastructure, and local crime rates that may have spike in the wake.

    In summary – it’s totally do’able – just a lot of variables !

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