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    took the jetski out today, it started right up and hit 52 top speed with no choke. If I gave it 1/4 choke it would get up to 56mph. With the modifications that I did, what should I be getting? I also don’t know why It would still be better at 1/4 choke.

    the speed was based on the speedometer not gps speed. Before trimming that gas line I was only getting about 38 mph on the same speedometer mostly choked (very lean vs now maybe a little lean not sure). I also don’t know the condition of the impeller or jet pump housing as I just picked this thing up a few months ago

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    If it's a 1200r you should be getting low to mid 60's. You should not have to apply the choke after the first crank of the day. If you need some help...PM me, I can get you running correctly. Going on a cruise tomorrow, won't be able to receive messages till Thursday though.

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    Again. As has been stated, IF YOU HAVE TO USE ANY AMOUNT OF CHOKE DO NOT RUN THR SKI. Fix the issue, the issue lies in the carbs. Period.
    Keep doing this and tour next thread will be about a melted piston. You said it cranked and ran correctly before the carb rebuild. Now it doesnt....
    Rebuild the carbs again this time, you surely missed something in the last rebuild. Since it's all new, you shoukdnt need another kit, just figure out what part wasnt done correctly

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    Thanks that’s what I am working on now. I still want to do a leak down test on the crankcase too

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    The alcohol and additives in fuels now days causes the rubber in those lines to expand, especially in length. I have found the fuel line pressed up tight to the bottom of the assembly many times in different 1200's. Although that shouldn't be an issue for you unless you had it on reserve. That issue burnt down several GPR's in the day because guys would run full throttle runs at low fuel levels to get that little bit more speed, and were running on reserve to do it. Restricted reserve line caused leanout.

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