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    took the jetski out today, it started right up and hit 52 top speed with no choke. If I gave it 1/4 choke it would get up to 56mph. With the modifications that I did, what should I be getting? I also don’t know why It would still be better at 1/4 choke.

    the speed was based on the speedometer not gps speed. Before trimming that gas line I was only getting about 38 mph on the same speedometer mostly choked (very lean vs now maybe a little lean not sure). I also don’t know the condition of the impeller or jet pump housing as I just picked this thing up a few months ago

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    If it's a 1200r you should be getting low to mid 60's. You should not have to apply the choke after the first crank of the day. If you need some help...PM me, I can get you running correctly. Going on a cruise tomorrow, won't be able to receive messages till Thursday though.

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