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    2020 Rxtx 300 reliability

    Has anybody heard of any issues on the 2020 Rxtx 300?

    i like the features of this model, however hearing about all the issues with the 18 and 19ís I am hesitant to buy one.

    Thank you.

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    I would like to know the answer.

    I must choose 2020 rxt-x300 vs FX SVHO

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    I traded my 2019 FX SVHO Limited for a 2020 RXTX 300....

    If you get a chance - ride them both. I'm very happy now.

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    Kaz I have also narrowed it down to those 2.

    Tchies, could you tell us what you did and did not like about both skis?

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    Yamaha FX SVHO - I do not like it, "only fuel premium" and design
    Rxt-x 300 - quality problems 2018-19 (carbon seal, cracking body, other)

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    I would not run less than 91 in anything boosted. If I had an aggressive tune I would run race gas if it called for it.

    Reliability is my concern with the Seadoo. Love the direct access front storage and Bluetooth speakers. I’ve heard of issues with the 2018-2019 rxt 300’s. Hoping the 2020’s are problem free.

    in the meantime, the 2020 Yamaha FX svho looks pretty good to me. I know it’s reliable. It lacks the storage of the Seadoo and the Bluetooth speakers are questionable.

    Watched a video on YouTube from the Watercraft Journal, where they tested the FX Svho with JL Audio speakers. Very expensive, but Kevin Shaw likes them.

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    Not many people have much seat time on the 2020's so it's hard to speak to their reliability. But past issues have been carbon seals, hull cracks, and potentially(but not yet determined) a valve issue on the 2019s.

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    Why is that when Sea Doo says to run 87 octane in my 2019 GTX230?

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    2009 rxt-x 255, 10 years, 300 hours, only 87 octane, no issues

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    Ive heard and seen good things about the 1605 rotax.

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