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    SL 780 very difficult to steer at higher speeds

    Hey all. Newbie here. I just picked up a 96 SL 780 2nd hand. It runs great but the steering is very very difficult to move at higher speeds. It turns freely with no binding at a stand still. Any ideas? Damn trim motor is shot too...

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    SLTX doing same thing.

    Funny: I just logged on to post the same question on my SLTX. It just started last weekend and is only noticed when turning right. Left seems to be the same as when purchased. As you said, when no or little throttle is applied, it steers normal. I somewhat understand engine and impeller gyro rotation but I don't think it would just show up all of a sudden. Thanks, Chris

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    I had a similar thing on mine until I sprayed some wd40 down the steering cable sleeve and greased the steering column.

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    I just spoke with a local Polaris dealer and they said it's most likley the steering cable. It's common thay they get routed to close to hot items and the cable deterioates. It's like a $185 cable!

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    Definitely lube it! specially at the transom end!

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    But why does it turn freely, ( I mean with one finger) when not under a load. I would figure the steering would be just as stiff not loaded. It was stifferer until I cleaned and greased the steering bearing block. This problem appeared overnight. Could there be an issue with the impeller clearance or nose cone wear. BTW RTHOMPSON, welcome to the forum. Chris

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    The dealer's service guy explained to me how the original steering cable had internal sleeving that over time especially when routed near high hear areas would deteroriate and under load would make the ski turn very difficult. He said they see it all the time with all models of skis. The new cable is much heavier duty and heat resistant although he still warned about being carefull when routing it. Thanks for the welcome. There is alot of people who know their stuff and have no attitudes on this forum!

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    You can get used ones of Ebay pretty cheap.and new ones come up occasionally for around $80 - $100. Much cheaper than Polaris stealership pricing.

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