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    1997 slt 780 carb linkage help

    I have fully rebuilt all 3 of my carbs and can't get them to all work in sync. With all 3 fully closed and linkage adjustment screws tightened just enough to remove all the play so center and mag respond to pto at 3/4 and wot the throttle plates are in different positions is this normal I was wondering maybe so due to they have different high speed adjustments. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    The preferred procedure in the service manual is to turn idle screw till you can get 1/8 inch drill bit shank snuggly between first throttle plate and carb body.
    Then adjust #2 carb and #3 carb the same way.

    That should take up slack in linkage. If not, try a larger drill bit. If still off, you probably have something wrong with linkages.

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    Thank you very much going to try that this weekend

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