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    Aftermarket Fuel Caddy for LinQ?

    Anybody know if there is a less expensive fuel caddy out there that will fit LINQ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by guybb3 View Post
    Anybody know if there is a less expensive fuel caddy out there that will fit LINQ?
    someone makes a rack that attaches to the linq spots, you can buy the linq hardware separate as a retrofit kit and make your own adapter but no one makes any real aftermarket linq stuff yet it seems

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    For what i seen the prices on the racks, its not worth it as the fuel caddy is $180 and the baskets are around $300 and up plus a gas can. They are good if you plan to use it for other tasks but just for gas, IMO they're overpriced.

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    The Line fuel caddy is pretty handy, not cheap but it fits well and stays nice and solid whilst you are on the move.

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    I was at the dealer yesterday getting an oil filter and I saw a couple of snowmobiles with the fuel caddies and I have to say they looked great. I have the LinQ stock on my RXTX300. All I would have to get is the caddie or the FishPro tank to get more fuel capacity. I'm going to do one of the two.

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