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    2017 GP1800 - 253 fault code meaning?

    Got it off the map tuner, put the ski into limp mode.

    Anyone know what it is?

    Only code close to there is "low octane" code. Skis got a tank full of 100 octane so doubtful that's it.
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    Sorry, 2017 gp1800...

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    With an external oil gauge, check your oil pressure. At about 4000 rpm, see if the pressure is around 30 psi and is not bouncing around, should stay very steady at both rpm levels. Check to see what the pressure is at idle.You may have pressure but not sufficient volume cause by too thick of oil, or clogged oil filter, clogged oil pick up,oil pump going bad or a oil sensor.
    Hope thats gets you on the right track.

    Take Care
    C J
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    253 Low oil pressure warning

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    Right on, thanks!

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